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The Wizard of OZ! References Page
Fri, 01 Mar 24 15:06:06 +0000
Good Afternoon
Top Left Corner
Orange Emerald (2008) Gemstones, Loose Gemstone, Birthstone, Bead Jewelry, Gemstone Beads, Tool Gemstones [Internet], Bangkok, Thailand, Available from: <> [Accessed 8 October 2008].

Text and glow effects for buttons lovingly created using Fireworks and Paint Shop Pro

Can't remember where I got the background image from, but the graphics you see making up the box you see were created from the background image, again using Paint Shop Pro

File upload code: (2008) PHP Tutorial - File Upload [Internet], Seattle, Available from: <> [Accessed 8 October 2008].

Email address validation code: (2008) Email Validation using PHP & Ajax within a form [Internet], USA, Available from <> [Accessed 8 October 2008].

Date function: (2008) PHP:date - Manual [Internet], UK, Available from: <> [Accessed 8 October 2008].

General PHP coding: Tim Converse et el (2004) PHP5 and MySQL Bible Canada, Wiley.

General HTML & XHTML coding: Dick Oliver & Micheal Morrison (2003) Sams Teach Yourself HTML and XHTML in 24 Hours 6th ed. USA, Sam Publishing.


Bryan Pfaffenberger & Alexis D Gutzman (1998) HTML 4 Bible Foster City, Canada, IDG Books Worldwide, Inc

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