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banana phone

Hi there! I Have kept the image of the banana phone for the sake of posterity. Remember them? They must have been cool at the time, as they were used the Matrix film (although I never quite understood why they couldn't use them to transport them back to reality instead of having to use land lines. Just a hang over from the time I guess. I must admit I was never into the Matrix because it blamed all our woes on AI, but I digress)

Originally when the site was created in 2001 (updated as of May 2019) WAP was the in thing, but I would say it is now redundant. Originally we offered an 'all-in-service' for as little as a pound a day. I would now like to extend that to an 'all-in-service' for the creation of websites. Below I have listed the websites I have done to date. I am pretty fluent in HTML, PHP, CSS, DHTML and Javascript. I have worked with Perl in the past and I think I will be becoming more conversant with JQuery in the near future. I use the LAMP environment for development and testing. If you wish to hire my services then contact me at: and I will be happy to help you out. Thank you, and enjoy!

Web Design/Development for £1 per day! All in, development/design, hosting and domain name!

1 pound

Example Sites I have done to date

wizard of oz Wizard of Oz!
pc express PC Express
haltec Haltec
maggie magoo designs Maggie Magoo Designs
all coked up All Coked Up!
mashbanana Mashbanana (This site!)
offshore access services ltd Offshore Access Services Limited
soulwax candles Soulwax Candles
devil's advocate Devil's Advocate
the printer cartridge shop The Printer Cartridge Shop
leedsnet LeedsNet
one world One World
rp roofing and building RP Roofing & Building